Friday, September 7, 2012


Harem pants or Harem trousers also known as parachute pants, are women's baggy long pants tapered at the ankle, with side flaps on the hip that button at the waist area.Harem pants, which originated in India, are like a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The legs, from the knees down, are fitted.Harem pants can be extremely large and baggy, with a very wide and full fit, very roomy, loose fitting, over sized, puffy, spacious, with elastic in waist and at ankles, and with the crotch below the knee almost to the ground.

Harem pants -- low-slung, voluminous trousers that are typically gathered at the ankle or calf -- were expected to be a fleeting fad when they appeared on runways for spring 2008.Harem pants, which are believed to have originated in India, first made their way to the West in the 18th century, according to Gayle Fische.

 According to the statistics Harem pants came up in 2008 and slowly into the fashion industry  although last year especially in India was the main growth of harem pants but still the people are accepting it and wearing it in different shapes and different materials.And harem pants are sticking around this spring for another go for atleast another season.Few of the examples are given below:-


  •   Jennifer Lopez wearing a harem pants ..(2009)

  • Elle Macpherson -wearing a animal printed harem pants...<3 <3(2011)
  •  Gucci kicked off Milan fashion week  with vibrant ethnic looks that included harem pants.(2010)


  • Gwen Stefani was seen in punky pair of green tartan harem pants.(sep.2012)
  •   Kim Kardashian was spotted in leather harem pants.(august 2012)
  • Heidi Klum(Victoria secret's model) billowing pair of striped harem pants and an oversized black cardigan.





 The Collage above shows how it can be worn. It can be paired up with a Blazer as well as Leather jacket or a Cropped tee.


 I wore my tie and dye black harem pants with a plain black tang top .My harem pants are woven cotton pants with colors pink ,orange and blue tied and dyed on it.It has circular tie and dye and have a V shape tie and dye in the crotch area and on the yoke area and at the ankles.
I paired it up with my pink bag and a long chain and few wooden bangles also i wore a colorful flats matching the colors of my harem pants.

A close view of my accessories i wore. My wooden bangles which i collected from street shopping at Delhi ,my pink rose ring which i bought recently from TONIQ ,on the other hand my long chain with a purple rings and leafs and pears hanging which i bought from west-side,my star clips which i purchased from accessorize ,coming down a close view of my favorite velour bag which i bought from juicy couture,with tha cherry hanging on the other side and last my colorful flats which i bought from Delhi.


All things fashionable said...

Good read. However your Gucci reference for the Harem pants can be removed since this is not a Harem pants. Nice to see you trying the look on yourself but unfortunately what you are wearing does not look like Harem pants (maybe this is a fit issue or a photography issue)

Please note that there is a difference between parachute pants and harem pants. In your definition you've claimed them to be the same.

Also its Tank top not Tang (thats the drink)

Ilmar Selter said...

Many people think that harem pants look like someone is wearing a diaper and are out of date. However it seems that yoga crowd is growingly accepting Thai style harem pants as comfortable clothing for training. These look something like this: