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 nothing but the blues this summer

cobalt blue

Colour trend- cobalt blue

It is one of my favourite colours, especially the cobalt blue shade. I think it will look good on everyone. It is very energising and refreshing. My favourite looks with cobalt blue for the autumn 2011 . Cobalt blue is a bright blue light, the first popularly used in Chinese ceramics and porcelain. But now the cobalt blue has penetrated the world of fashion.

The hottest hue for fall is cobalt blue, so it was only a matter of time till the tone showed up on the red carpet. After all, every other popular shade -- red, coral, purple, emerald, champagne, fuschia -- has shown up in droves in the last few years. Now it's blue's turn to shine.
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Spring summer has been all about bright colors, but now an autumn/winter color which has stormed the catwalks is Cobalt Blue.
This autumn/ winter 12 it is still all about color, but we will see deeper and darker shades. Cobalt blue is a great way to brighten up any autumn morning. wardrobe watch 


In 2011, fever cobalt color (bright blue) began to be used on a bustling collection of designer releases. It is estimated, the triumph of color is not an end in 2012. You are bored with the color orange or fuschia games can use cobalt blue as an alternative.


   Emmy Rossum with cobalt blue dress

January Jones with cobalt dress

Kate Middleton has appeared in public with cobalt dress

Millie with cobalt blue white dress

Nicole Scherzinger with cobalt dress

Shakira with cobalt dress

Blue belle: Amanda Holden wears an Issa dress to the Britain's Got Talent auditions
Amanda Holden's cobalt blue style -Amanda Holden wears an Issa dress. She posed in front of cameras in a striking silk and lace satin Issa dress 

Beauty in Blue, Kirsten Dunst scoops Best Dressed of the Week
Kirsten Dunst radiated Oscar-worthy style at the LA premiere of Bachelorette, in a cobalt blue, Resort 2013 Jean Paul Gaultier trench maxi dress. Oh, the double-breast detailing and belted waist had us at hello!
 kiristen dunst

 Queen Elizabeth II: on-trend in cobalt. Photo: Rex

In the collection of releases in 2011 or Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet, the color is quite popular. Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, Eva Mendes, Uma Thurman, even Kate Middleton has appeared in public with cobalt dress. With a solid right-match, this color can be used for a variety of skin tones.

Celebrity Beauty with cobalt dress



Cobalt + cream
To that still want to experiment, combined with a creamy blue is appropriate for use. Soft cream can help neutralize the bright blue color. Combined cobalt blue dress shoes beige pumps can be selected for the office. For a relaxed atmosphere, try cobalt blue blouse with a bright beige bag. On the red carpet film "Water for Elephants", the main star Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous in a cream dress shoes combined cobalt.

Cobalt + black
Blue and black is a blend if you do not want to look too conspicuous. Cobalt alloys and the worn black Kate Middleton at her engagement party. He appears attractive with cobalt blue long-sleeve dress combined a closed black shoes. For formal impression, blue with black alloy is the right partner ..

Cobalt + blue
More attractive if combined Cobalt blue jeans. Combine with cream or white colored bag for casual occasions. Cobalt tops combined with beige pants will increasingly look bright with cobalt-colored bag. Use of two cobalt-colored elements combined with neutral colors like black, gray, white, or beige as its equivalent.

Cobalt + white
Cobalt and white colors are a sweet couple. For example, cobalt blue skirt with white blouse would look harmonious. So also with cobalt jumpsuit with matching white purse. Suitable for sunny skins owners. Sexy singer Beyonce seen wearing a white T-shirt combined with jeans and a dark blue cobalt pumps for casual outings.

Cobalt + color
For those who like to hit-and-color style, cobalt is the right color. Suitable for cobalt blue juxtaposed with orange, yellow, red, fushcia, and various other colors. Ensure proper proportion in the blend color so as not to seem ludicrous. For a new try, use color as an accent or accessory only. For example, a large yellow wristbands with cobalt dress or blouse with an orange bag. At the MTV Movie Awards 2011 Blake Lively look stunning cobalt blue dress combined with purple shoes.

Use darker colors on the bright color like camouflaged and where you want to find. Try to only use 2-3 colors just blend. Otherwise, the excessive use of color even to make you like a clown.

Accessory cobalt
To have confidence that the color of cobalt could try starting with the accessory. Bags, scarves, shoes, or cobalt-colored earrings could be the equivalent of that brighten the appearance. Make sure that as little as possible color combinations to make you look harmonious.



With the onset of Fall-Winter’11, C√©line’s fashion guru and maestro, Phoebe Philo, has released a collection of timeless pieces that encapsulates her style and substance as a designer – utilitarian and aesthetically sound. The collection dare I say is quite boyish, but in spite of this it exudes femininity and a sense of class and elegance.
Once fusty, royal - or cobalt - blue is fashion's hottest color.

  • Blue is definitely a dominant colour for autumn/winter, appearing in different guises through so many Australian designer ranges on the runway.  The best thing about this shade of blue is it suits pretty much everyone and will provide a punchy lift to your winter wardrobe.

L-R – Jac & Jack, Gary Bigeni, Dion Lee, Jack London, Something Else

  • Calibre men's spring / summer 2012 / 2013

calibre mens spring 2012


  • Payal Singhal in LFW w/f 2012 presented her collection and main few of the garments having cobalt blue are shown above,she gave a Indian touch to all her garments as her inspiration was 'colors of India' payal singhals dress ,,



I just bought this tank top like few weeks before from 'promod'. I just love this top because of the sequin embroidery on it . on it.
a close view of my top showing its embroidery and the velour sequin work it has..

I wore it with a black tube and a pair of icy blue jeans .I wore my black pumps with it and a black chain with my cobalt blue watch.

In this picture m wearing a very casual t-shirt from 'UCB' .I just love the colour and tye up style of the shirt .

Another cobalt blue casual superman print t shirt of mine .I just wore it casually with my black cotton shorts ,my yellow watch and 'puma' flip-flops.

and my few accessories in cobalt blue-my 'DKNY' watch and my leather clutch(i made it)..


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