Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Being teachers day today all of us were told to dress up in color code(blue and black) and blue being my favorite color i just hunted for every thing i had in blue. and so today i was wearing a sky blue striped top which i picked up from "MADAME" and a black jeans .
I paired it up with a blue jute bag just to match with the dress code(although i don't like it much) which i bought from 'lifestyle'. and I wore my favorite pair of blue flats which i bought from "ALDO".

  • The neck line of my top has diagonal lines joining together forming a V which gives a flattering look.

  • And at the bottom of the top there is  a tie  bow .
A close view of all the accessories i wore :-

  1. My printed blue jute bag .
  2. My chain with a cross pendant with a ring .
  3. My blue watch ,which i bought from "DKNY"
  4. My  favorite "ALDO" flats.
  5. My vintage clip which i bought from "Accessorize "


All things fashionable said...

A good detailed look at your outfit which was nice to read about however you haven't related it to the fashion environment around you.

The top has a couple of details you've not mentioned correctly. There is a yoke on the front which is made of two panels cut on bias giving the appearance of converging diagonal stripes. The bottom hem has a band in a darker shade of blue through which a self fabric sash is strung.

All things fashionable said...
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