Monday, September 3, 2012

Today i was wearing this nude color tunic which is short from the front and ends below the hip from the back with my skinny fit jeggings which have buttons on the bottom .My tunic is made up of very soft cotton fabric and has a turn over collar and has a bit of gatherings on the shoulders with a short kimono sleeves with epaulettes .it also has few detailing which looks like pockets but its just a detailing.
I carried a printed Burberry checks  bag(imitation) with it .I also wore my sun glasses which i picked up from "idee" ,it has a large frame and is studded with stones .
I also wore a glittery ballerinas with the dress which i bought from  "HnM" .I just love them although they are from last years trend but i just love to wear them as they are very comfortable.

 P.S-a picture showing the back of the tunic ,the gathering on the shoulders ,the epaulette,and a detailing..

My glittery ballerinas

My studded sunglasses.

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All things fashionable said...

Very casual yet smart looking outfit... Yes the jeggings was a main trend for last year but it is still not entirely out of fashion & you can reference a few visuals of trendy leggings from previous seasons. (mentioning that it is of the previous season).

Some of the errors in your article are as follows:
1. Your tunic colour isn't nude, it appears off-white or cream.
2. All jeggings are skinny fit so you don't need to mention it particularly.
3. The buttons are on the hem
4. Magyar sleeves not short Kimono sleeves.
5. You don't wear glittery ballerinas... Ballerinas are dancers they are people... You're wearing ballet pumps or ballet shoes or flat pumps
6. You're wearing the ballet shoes with your outfit not dress.