Monday, August 20, 2012

Today i wore a blue top i just don't know what's special but i just love the top because of its colors because of its sleeves and i paired it with a blue denim and as seen in picture the top has a pink heart on it so i just wore a pink flats with it and i took a pink velvet juicy couture  bag.. i just love this bag it has a red cherry keyring attached on it which adds to the look.. its one of my favorite of my bag collection . its a velour bag for which juicy couture is actually's a Google link for more velour juicy bags..

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All things fashionable said...

The t-shirt (t-shirt not top) and jeans outfit is nice and casual and your bag does add a lot of value to it. Please add more close up shots especially would have liked to see the cherry key ring and a better look at the footwear.

As always relate your style to the current trend.