Sunday, August 12, 2012

Few months back i was just changing the channels to find something interesting to see and i found a "reality show" going on ("isi ka naam zindagi"). It was the first time I came to know about this show but it was not the show which attracted me it was Sania who made me stop my hands from changing the channel..
actuly it wasent sania it was the colour of the dress which attracted me more.I just loved the dress a very simple yet pretty dress it had a braided belt (for just like 3"-4") in the side which gave the pleates on the other side (m sorry i was'nt able to find the picture :-( ,just few of these - close view of the dress.. ) and I just went up and started finding the pic but unfortunately this is what i found(all thanks to Google), yet giving a brief about it,except the drapes it had nothing much on it but i just felt that the designer must have got inspired from the Indian sarees giving it the drapes ..Sania wore the dress with a pink blue peep toes (<3) and i just loved them too ..i just felt that she would have accessorized it a bit more because i just didn't like the bangle which she's wearing but just ignoring the bangle i liked her look specially her dress..

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All things fashionable said...

Interesting dress! I agree with your comments on the accessorizing. The foot wear she is wearing is a peep-toe wedge or platform.
In the future, when you do write similar articles you could also do a parallel study on the draped dress - whether they are in trend or not.
Guneet, Pls correct grammar and spelling before publishing a post.