Thursday, August 16, 2012

<3 <3 <3 <3 i just bought a fastrack watch like 1 week before with a yellow strap just a simple watch for my daily use. Fastrack is a collection of watches under titan brand which provides range of watches in minimum price and best Style.few more watches..
 I just picked it up because i really loved the color of the strap and couldn't stop myself from buying it just to match it up with my hand woven yellow bag which i bought from china. I just love the bag it has hand woven weaves which reminds me of calonge bags.

Calonge is an exclusive Indian Brand of Hand Woven Leather accessories that has the unique distinction of being hand made.I really wanna have one surely maybe I'll buy one when i start working and for now I'm happy with my 'D' calonge bag as i cant afford to have one of them :-(

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All things fashionable said...

Very cute accessories. It would have been nice to see how you pulled it together with an outfit. Again, relate your finds and your styles with current trends. Are brightly coloured straps on watches trendy for this season?

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